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Local Lead Drop 2.0

“Discover A PROVEN System for Getting High Ticket Leads Literally Dropping into Your Inbox, Ready to buy…” …forget Cold Calling, Beating Down Doors or Any other Client Chasing Methods!     The Local Lead Drop 2.0 training is a complete guide to getting RED HOT leads dropping into YOUR Inbox just like us. Then we […]

Digital Client Crash Course

Digital Client Crash Course is a complete training that teaches you how to build a six figure local marketing business quickly. We show you multiple methods for bringing in a consistent flow of high ticket that are ready to buy marketing services. From there we teach how to break down the clients niche, put together […]

Digital Client Masterclass

Yes, Count me in! I’m ready to Start Landing High Ticket Clients like Clockwork using Proven Tactics that Convert Like Crazy…” I understand I’ll Get Instant Access to… Three Weeks of Live Training w/ Group Coaching – This live Masterclass training will show you everything you need to build a six figure local marketing business […]

Mixtape Project Manager

“Discover an Easy to Use Platform for Managing Your Entire Client Business from One Central Dashboard…”   Our Mixtape Project Management Platform was designed with today’s marketer in mind. Not only can you do standard things like create projects, tasks, milestones and so forth but we have some killer features that other platforms simply don’t […]

Landing Your First Client

For many local marketers just starting out landing that first client can be the biggest hurdle to success. Once you land that first client things typically begin to snowball from there but the trick is making that happen. The first problem most face is the lack of a portfolio or any proof for what they […]

How to Outsource Effectively

One of the keys to being successful selling services to local businesses is finding and keeping good talent. I’m sure by now you’ve heard a few horror stories about outsourcing overseas, I’ve even had a few myself. Hiring overseas definitely has it’s up and downs but overall it is a great way to go because […]

The Percentage Leverage

One of the things you always want to do as an internet marketer is leverage your success for future benefits. The more your market, local area or niche views you as an expert the more leverage that gives you in creating deals. The key is getting results, being excellent at what you do and then […]