Market Mainframe was created by Neil & Robert to share their information, training and software with the marketing community from one central location. On this site you will find blog posts about everything they do in their businesses as well as paid training products that teach you how to duplicate their success.

Both Neil and Robert have been marketing online since around 2007 taking different paths to a similar location. Roberts success started with affiliate marketing and creating ebooks about various topics eventually leading to creating a traditional marketing agency that he runs today.  Neil got his start with local marketing and eventually started creating information products and selling software while continuing to take on clients.

These two “under the radar” but highly successful marketers met years ago at an event in Las Vegas and immediately hit it off due to similar approaches to doing business. Both of them look for high ticket clients, long term projects and most importantly landing them without chasing prospects down. Since working together they have launched several training products and created a project management software called Mixtape that has become their core focus going forward while continuing to do what they do best.

The future is bright at Market Mainframe and we all look forward to having you join us along the journey!